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A barcode is an optical representation of data that is designed to be easily scanned and interpreted by barcode readers or scanners. It is a graphical representation of information that consists of a series of parallel lines, bars, or squares of varying widths and spacings.

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Barcodes are widely used in various industries for the purpose of automatic identification and data capture. They provide a quick and accurate means of storing and retrieving information, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. Barcodes are typically used for tasks such as product identification, inventory management, tracking and tracing, pricing, and point-of-sale transactions.

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Some of the popular and widely used barcode scanner libraries for Android Studio

1. ZXing (Zebra Crossing) (Java)

ZXing is an open-source barcode scanning library that supports various barcode formats, including QR codes. It has a simple integration process and an active community.

GitHub Link

2. ML Kit (Kotlin / Java)

ML Kit by Google is a powerful mobile SDK that includes barcode scanning functionality. It utilizes machine-learning algorithms for barcode detection and decoding. ML Kit offers easy integration and is part of Firebase.

ML-Kit Link

Sample App GitHub Link

3. ZBar

ZBar is an open-source library that provides barcode scanning capabilities for Android. It supports various barcode types and has a simple API for integration.

ZBar GitHub Link

ZBar HomePage

4. Barcode Scanner (Java) (Depreciated)

It is a simple barcode scanner library that provide easy way to implement barcode scanning in your application.

Note: This library is no longer is maintained by the owner but if want to continue then check out the source code at github using below link.

GitHub Link

5. MV Barcode Reader

MV barcode reader is simple barcode scanning library that using google play services’ mobile vision api for barcode detection.

GitHub Link

6. Scandit (Paid)

Scandit is a commercial barcode scanning SDK known for its high performance and accuracy. It supports a wide range of barcode formats and offers additional features like offline scanning and enterprise-grade support.

Scandit Link

7. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader (Paid)

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is a commercial library that offers fast and reliable barcode scanning capabilities. It supports multiple barcode types and provides cross-platform compatibility.


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